Tips & Tricks to Design the D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe of Your Dreams!

Are your kids artists? Or maybe they just love to draw? Whatever artistic bug has bitten your family, we’ve got the perfect new Cozy Coupe for you: the D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe! This customizable Cozy Coupe lets your kids take everyone’s favorite first car and turn it into a stylin’ ride that’s totally their own.

Kids can customize the look of their D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe using the included paint and markers. Best of all: you can wash the paint off your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe to decorate it all over again! Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to decorating your D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe. We’ve put together eight tips & tricks to help your kids design the D.I.Y. Cozy Coupe of their dreams:

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