Do the Water Limbo for Camp Play@Home Water Play Week

Hi-oh, Campers! 

Welcome to Little Tikes Camp Play@Home! I’m Junior Counselor Jeff (not to be confused with Eco Master Jeff, who, like me, is totally not afraid of the dark). In addition to being a former camper myself, I’ll be your digital guide for all things Camp Play@Home. That’s right, I’ll have tons of videos, activities, games, and more for you to do. Oh, and I wanted to ask if I could borrow your lantern tonight? Not for any particular reason, of course.

Any who, at Camp Play@Home, we’ll be bringing you tons of fun stuff for the whole family to do (and a few things to save Camper Mom and Camper Dad’s sanity, too). This Friday, our Water Play Week activity video goes live, so today we’re going to get things rolling with another fun activity for you and your bunk mates to do together: the water limbo!

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