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Host Brett Tutor and Little Tikes visit a new family each week to brighten their lives through the power of play and remind them that there’s nothing more important than spending time together as a family.

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The Meiser Family – Mt. Washington, KY

Lindsey and Zach are young parents whose biggest wish is to spend more quality time playing with their special needs son, Noah. Inside Edition caught up with the Meiser family at our Louisville, KY Play Big Tour Stop:

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The Alvarez Family – Miami, FL

Sandy, Raul, and their daughters, Kaylee and Evelyn, live in a busy, multi-lingual household. A day of play is just what they need to get away from the stresses of daily life.

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The Clark Family – Philadelphia, PA

Single mom Helen is raising four kids all by herself and has precious little time to spend with them each day. She’s looking to inject some fun, energy, and creativity into their lives.

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The Bates Family – Akron, OH

Starletta and her daughter, Bianca, are raising Bianca’s two children, and Starletta’s young son, all under one roof. Bianca’s finishing school while Starletta’s working two jobs. They want to make the most of the precious time their family has together.

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The Te Family – Buena Park, CA

Kisselda, a cancer survivor, and her husband Michael want to bring an extra helping of fun to their twins, Alexander and special needs daughter, Alexis. They’re hoping to make the most of every day through the power of pretend play.

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