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The Importance of Play In A Child's Development
Through Play Children Learn
... About Themselves
... About Others
... About How Things Work
... About Their World
Play = Learning
Play Helps Develop Skills
• Thinking and Problem Solving
• Language and Communication
• Social and Emotional
• Motor and Coordination
• Creativity and Imagination
Cognitive Development
12-24 Months
• Experimentation with objects
  - Explores relationship of action and object
  - Uses object to reach another (trial & error)
• Interest in things that can be moved
• Object permanence advances
  - Follows multiple visible displacements of object
• Follows simple directions
• Makes simple block structures and puzzles
• Matches/groups similar objects
• Devises internal representation to solve problems
• Object permanence complete
  - Follows invisible but inferable displacements sequences

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