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The Importance of Play In A Child's Development
Through Play Children Learn
... About Themselves
... About Others
... About How Things Work
... About Their World
Play = Learning
Play Helps Develop Skills
• Thinking and Problem Solving
• Language and Communication
• Social and Emotional
• Motor and Coordination
• Creativity and Imagination
Physical Development
12-24 Months
• Endless exercise of physical skills
  (more exploratory than skillful)
  - Throws objects
  - Stacks/balances multiple blocks
  - Feeds self: picks up food, drinks from cup with help
• Sits from standing position
• Developing gross motor skills
  - Can kick, throw, catch a ball, run, and jump
  - Likes to lug, dump, pile, knock down, fill/empty
  - Uses spoon and fork
• Fine motor skills beginning
  - Can manipulate small objects

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