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Home Preschool / ToddlerAll Preschool / Toddler ToysLil' Blabberz™ - Oolie™

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Lil' Blabberz™ - Oolie™

Item Number: 632792
Age: 3 + years
With so many ways to play toddlers will love Oolie a Little Tikes Lil' Blabberz who is a funny, crazy character in the shape of a soft, fuzzy ball. Lil Blabberz are great stand-alone characters but if there’s another Lil Blabberz in the room there’s even more fun when they interact with each other. Find them all at
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Lil' Blabberz Oolie will bring out the silly in your toddler, Oolie is out an outgoing Lil' Blabberz
who's the life of the party! Oolie is always cheerful and upbeat and is everyone's best friend!


  • Oolie tells 6 unique silly jokes
  • Pac Man style mouth
  • Sing alone or together to Rockin' Robin
  • Lil' Blabberz dance alone or together to the Chicken Dance and the Hamster
  • Can spin 360 degrees
  • Kids can bop Oolie's head for a reaction
  • Blabberz play four games:
      1- Ask Me a Question:
           Kids can ask Lil Blabberz any yes or no question and they will give you an honest    
           but goofy answer
      2-Rhyme Time:
          Oolie says a word and kids will need to say  2 rhyming words before time runs out
      3-Spin-a-roo single player:
          Kids guess how many times Oolie will spin around. Oolie will spin multiple times; kids 
          count and see if you guessed correctly   
      4-Spin-a-roo multiple players:
          Kids form a ring around Oolie. Oolie will spin around multiple times. When the 
          spinning  stops Oolie will ask a question to the person he’s facing. Childs response
          triggers a comment from the Lil Blabberz
  • Interacts with the other Lil' Blabberz:
      * Bagoo (632815)
      * Falfa (632822)
  • Requires 3 AA alkaline batteries (included)

Product Size 10.00''L x 10.00''W x 10.00''H --- Weight: 1.15lbs.
Box Size: 12.00''L x 8.00''W x 10.00''H --- Weight: 1.55lbs.

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