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Six Month Bundle

Item Number: sixm
Wow four baby toys in one super bundle! These toys will help babies with their eye, hand coordination as well as helping to learn about colors, shapes, counting and so much more!
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This toy bundle will grow along with any sixth month old and it also makes a great new baby gift!

Bundle includes one each of the following:

Discover Sounds Shape, Sort & Scatter (627521)
Three fun stages to grow with baby
     Stage One- Free-Play Shape Sorting
Helps infants learn about shapes and colors. When a block is placed into the    
       respective shape hole the toy will "talk" and say the name of the block and color that   
       was inserted. Collect all the shapes inside the toy; the bottom will then drop out and  
       scatter to play again
     Stage Two- Directed Shape Sorting
Learning mode for toddlers. The toy will ask the child to find a certain block, color or 
       number. If the child inserts the correct piece the toy will show a green light; if the wrong 
       piece is inserted the bottom of the toy will drop and the blocks will scatter
    Stage Three- Game Play for Preschoolers
Preschoolers who have learned their shapes and colors can race against the clock! As
       the toy calls out shapes or colors the child must find the respective block and insert it
       before time runs out. 
   Pick the stage to play by lining up the star to the stage number 1, 2 or 3 on the blue base
    Volume control is on bottom of the base
   On/off switch on the bottom of the base
    Three languages: * English  * French  * Spanish
    Language selection switch is on the bottom of the base
    Accessories include:
       * 1-Red heart shape (clam)
       * 1-Blue square shape (whale)
       * 1-Orange triangle (clownfish)
       * 1-Yellow star (starfish)
       * 1-Green circle (puffer fish)
       * 1-Purple octagon (octopus)
   Requires 4 "AA" batteries (included)

Wiggimals-Chicken (629907)
Encourages babies to move and crawl
    With the simple press of a button the chicken will start to wiggle
   Cute chicken face
    Chicken is made with a variety of fabrics for tactile feel
    On/off switch located inside on battery compartment 
    Sounds/no sounds switch located on battery compartment
    When the sounds are turned off, the toy will still "wiggle" when your child pushes down  
     on the chicken's head
    Machine washable cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low heat
    Battery compartment inside must be removed first before washing
    Requires 3 "AAA" batteries (included)

Tap-a-Tune Piano (627576)
Ideal for baby's first instrument
    Four easy-to-press keys
   Colorful keys and chimes

DiscoverSounds Keychain (626692)
Keychain button activates silly car and door sounds
   Keychain comes with 2 large keys
    Durable soft textured vinyl grip handle easily fits little hands
    Requires 3 "AG13" batteries (included)


Product Size: 7.25''L x 5.00''W x 13.00''H --- Weight: 1.89lbs.
Box Size: 8.00''L x 4.50''W x 10.00''H --- Weight: 0.75lbs.
Box Size: 14.00''L x 6.00''W x 15.00''H --- Weight: 2.55lbs.