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Home Preschool / ToddlerBundlesBig Waffle® Blocks 2 Pack Bundle

Big Waffle® Blocks 2 Pack Bundle

Item Number: bwb2
Age: 2 + years
Build a fort, castle or playhouse with this set of giant building blocks! This two-pack of Big Waffles blocks encourages creativity and problem solving while helping to develop spatial reasoning. Plus they are just fun! This construction set will have mom and dad joining in the fun.
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    These classic Big Waffle Blocks help little builders build big ideas! Are perfect for building imaginations indoors and out! The lightweight pieces are easy to fit together and connect securely in every direction. And the pieces are sized just right for little hands, so kids can build even the biggest constructions.

    Bundle includes two of the following:

    Big Waffle Blocks (642173)
       • 18 Large Waffle Blocks
       • Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
       • Each piece is 14"L x 2"W x 14"H

    Please note: The Big Waffle Blocks Bundle ships in 2 cartons reveling their contents.

    Box Size: 18.75''L x 14.50''W x 27.00''H --- Weight: 22.00lbs.
    Box Size: 18.75''L x 14.50''W x 27.00''H --- Weight: 22.00lbs.

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