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Activity Quest Climber Bundle

Item Number: aqcb
Age: 2 - 5 years
This playground bundle has fun all wrapped up in one for toddlers and preschools! This is a perfect addition any play yard!
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This item ships by Truck. A $100 additional shipping charge applies.

A Great addition to your toddler or pre-school playground!

Bundle includes one each of the following:

Activity Quest Climber (400Z)    
Conforms to ASTM F1487 Safety Specification
• Toddlers love the climber with its easy-opening door and low, gentle slide
     • Bigger kids dash for the challenging climber, crawl-through tunnel and extra-long
     • Anchor kit included
     • If you are interested in The Activity Quest Climber, you must first ensure that you   
       have at least 6 feet of clear, unobstructed space surrounding the unit in every  
       direction.  The safety "use" zone must be free of all obstacles such as: trees, posts, 
       fences, buildings, curbs, structures, etc.  
     • TOTAL minimum space required for this unit is 19 ft. x 24 ft.
     • Ships in two boxes
     • Assembly Required
Due to the size and weight of this item, our carrier will use a liftgate and will deliver beyond the curb.

Anchors Away Pirate Ship (628566)     
Pirate ship theme loaded with spinning features
      • Center mast is a constant-flow water fountain. Keep water moving with pump or by
         pouring water into the crows nest and watch everything spin
      • Spinners cause current in the ship which moves floating objects around
      • Aim and squirt water from the water cannon
      • Steering wheel spins and anchor raises and lowers by cranking the handle
      • Assembly Required

Classic Whale Teeter Totter (4372)
       • Provides fun, rocking action for up to 3 children at a time
       • May help little ones develop gross motor and interactive skills
       • Stable base, comfortable seats and easy grip handles ensure a smooth and
          secure rocking ride
       • Cleans up easily with soap and water

Product Size: 60.00''L x 16.00''W x 20.00''H --- Weight: 10.00lbs.
Product Size: 64.00''L x 64.00''W x 72.00''H --- Weight: 2.00lbs.
Product Size: 42.00''L x 38.00''W x 19.00''H --- Weight: 26.25lbs.
Product Size: 102.50''L x 49.00''W x 54.00''H --- Weight: 105.50lbs.
Product Size: 42.00''L x 5.10''W x 38.00''H --- Weight: 26.25lbs.
Box Size: 60.00''L x 16.00''W x 20.00''H --- Weight: 10.00lbs.
Box Size: 37.50''L x 3.00''W

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